DeoxIT GOLD GN5 Mini-Spray, Nonflammable G5MS-15 14g RV HI FI

DeoxIT GOLD GN5 Mini-Spray, Nonflammable G5MS-15 14g

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DeoxIT GOLD GN5 Mini-Spray, Nonflammable G5MS-15 14 g RV HI FI

Contact Cleaner, Enhancer & Protector

Part No: G5MS-15

Container Size: 14 g

Product Description: Unique contact cleaner, conditioner, enhancer, lubricant and protectant for PLATED metal surfaces.
Improves conductivity, maintains optimum signal quality, reduces fretting & dendrite corrosion, and stabilizes connections between similar and dissimilar metals.
Molecularly bonds to both base-metals and plated surfaces and seals out oxygen, protecting both surfaces.
The DeoxIT® Gold coating is excellent at reducing wear abrasion, arcing, RFI and intermittent connections and improves connector performance/reliability.
Ideal for gold plated surfaces. On oxidized surfaces, pre-treat with DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner.

Temperature range: -45 to +240 deg C.

Features/Benefits: 5% Spray, Quick dry solvent, Non-drip, Safe on most plastics.
DeoxIT® Gold G100L concentrate has approximately 0.5% chemical cleaning action.
Excellent conductivity enhancing, excellent protection, minimum cleaning/deoxidizing, no ozone depletion.
Prevents dendrite and fretting corrosion. Protects base metals.
Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, RFI, wear and abrasion. Ideal for both stationary and moving (vibration) connections.
Cleaner Audio - Clearer Video - Reliable Data.
5. Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® Gold G100L