Please use this guide to assist you in determining the approximate condition of each record.  .

Please note that all our records are played on each side to assess performance and visually inspected to assess grade.


M = Mint

A record or cover in mint condition is basically brand new - absolutely perfect.


Brand new and un-played. This vinyl record shows no signs of wear or use of any kind, and is usually factory sealed.

LP Cover

Brand new, completely unmarked in any way - absolutely perfect. Like the media itself, the cover is usually factory sealed.


NM = Near Mint

The highest grade for a used record. 

Media / record

Almost no signs of being played, perhaps a spindle mark or barely noticeable light mark or scuffing where the record has been removed from the inner sleeve. Any marks or scuffing will not affect playback.

LP Cover

A cover that is Near Mint looks close to brand new. It has no bends, creases, marks or price stickers or their residue on it and it is bright and colorful. 


Very Good Plus = VG+

Looks great but has some small signs of use.

Media / Record

This record may show very minor signs of wear and use - small hairline scratches that do not affect the sound, light scuffs or a few small spindle marks - but will still look great. The record will still be glossy and clean, and will play well.

LP Cover

A VG+ cover may show some minor signs of age and wear. Small corner dings or creases, very light ring wear or edge wear and very small seam splits may be present, but the cover will still look bright and clean and perfectly acceptable. A VG+ cover may have a cut-out or small hole punched in it.


Very Good = VG

Media / Record

A record which is described as VG will show visible signs of age and use. Scratches, scuffs and marks may be present on the disc, and spindle marks or writing may appear on the label. Groove wear may be evident - the disc may have lost some of its gloss and shine, and it may play with some noise audible, but will still be a pleasant listening experience.

LP Cover

A record cover in VG condition may have creases, ring wear, edge wear, writing on it, tape on the edges, rubbing, marks from sticker residue and other problems at the same time. It will be complete though, and will function well.


Good = G

Looks very well-used, but still plays.

Media / Record

A Good record has heavy and obvious signs of use; it may be scratched heavily or labels may be marred. It will still play through without skipping but will have lots of surface noise.

LP Cover

A Good cover may be damaged from sticker removal, be marred by tape, writing or ring wear, have large creases or tears, or have large seam splits, or be discolored and/or faded.