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Ruark Prologue II loudspeakers


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Prologue II loudspeakers



System Type

Bass Reflex 2 Way D-Appolito Floorstanding Monitor. Critically damped 18mm MDF construction with internal enclosures and non symmetric brace system

Drive Units

Tweeter- 27mm pre-coated lightweight textile dome ferrofluid cooled and damped. Optimised magnet system with rear damping chamber

Twin Bass/mid- 2 X 180mm treated NRSC profiled paper cone, high loss pure rubber surround, injection moulded polymer chassis, and high flux magnet system


Precision audio grade components, Crossover point 2.8KHz

Frequency Response

42Hz – 22KHz +/- 3dB (free space conditions)

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms


90dB/watt @ 1m

Amplifier Requirements

25 – 150 watts

Dimensions HxWxD

96cm x 22.5cm x 24cm


18Kg each


Description of work
The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
Inspect, check drivers and crossover
Cleaned and detailed cabinets
Tested in excess of 4 hours

Warranty: 3 months



The Ruark Prologue II’s are a fabulously accurate loudspeaker, constructed like a battleships, put together with careful attention to detail, all seams fitting perfectly. They even have a stamp on the back from the Guild of Master Craftsmen. These aren’t just speakers, they’re fine furniture. The Ruarks deliver a full, dynamic sound often found with floorstanding speakers. They are forgiving speakers, and should sound good in almost any system. They can also be played loud with relatively low power amplifiers, given their 90dB sensitivity rating. I found them to be extremely involving, and versatile. They are one off the best speakers I’ve heard for a while.


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