Pioneer SG-550 Stereo Graphic Equalizer

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Pioneer SG-550 Stereo Graphic Equalizer



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Pioneer SG-550

Stereo Graphic Equalizer (1984)


Output Level: 1V (6V max)

Gain: ± 0dB

Frequency response: 5Hz to 70kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Control Range: ± 10dB

Frequency Bands: 60, 150, 400, 1K, 2.4K, 6K, 15KHz

Dimensions: 420 x 97 x 216mm

Weight: 2.8kg

Year: 1984

Serial No. FD9206023S

Description of work

The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
Capacitors replaced in power supply
PCB boards cleaned, checked and re-soldered
Washed and treated all slide potentiometers with De-Oxit
Treated all RCA’s with De-Oxit
Treated all contacts points with De-Oxit
Washed and cleaned chassis
Cleaned and polished all alloy parts, fascia and knobs
Tested in excess of 2 hours

Warranty: 6 months


RV HIFI is passionate about Vintage HIFI, so we believe in doing the job right!

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 32 × 22 cm